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Triple Money

ad click xpress


Ad Click Xpress claims to be by far the best money making and self improvement system available on the internet. 


Some company facts:

Ad Click Xpress operates in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010.

First we had Just Been Paid. The owner and main developer of JBP was Frederick Mann, full time marketer since 1997. He was so sure of his program’s sustainability that he offered ONE MILLION DOLLAR to anyone who could find a math flaw that prevents the combination of JSS and JSS-Tripler to be indefinite sustainable. This business was very successful and all who participated in it had not any complains.

But after couple of years JBP was sold to profit Clicking and Frederick Man announced that he is retired from now. Members should not loose nothing, all data was migrated to PC and we all started wait till new business will profit us. Month after month. Nothing happened, no normal payouts, no Panel system. Many never got any money out, others struggled with *Bucket* - new way to withdraw money. 

I think Profit Clicking failed from the beginning. How much JBP was successful so much PC was unsuccessful. All over the net people started post claims PC is nothing but scam. Even Premium system's introduction did not help PC to sustain.

Then we got to know PC again is sold to new company - Ad Click Xpress, and Frederic Mann is coming to help this business. Everything was done in short time, we got migrated our accounts data, but we can't use direct any money from old PC. If we want withdraw it, we have invest fresh money and also can use 10% from old basic money and 30% from premium money. 

Many got angry and still call it scam. I will lose much money also if I will not invest fresh money. From the ACX start I was full of anger and frustration, but time is going and I see ACX launched Panels system very fast, introduced new Medium system, they are withdrawing, Panels are cycling, and people really can use 10-30% of all money, so I started work it again. True is they pay now, but true is also many of those who invested to PC lost all money. 

ACX operates as absolutely new company, till now they keep promises. Now when you know all history, you decide for yourself do you want participate in ACX or not. 

If you decide that you are taking risk, I will help you with training and advices.

ad click xpress

Some Info How It Works. 
 Ad Click Xpress  is perfect business for  98% of people who are consistently losing money with online systems that never live up to their owners claims or your expectations, for those who are looking to spend less time working and more time doing the things they really want to do.  How about work from home an learn how to earn fast and safe passive income? 

 You are in the right place. 
Buy Advertising Packages and Start Triple Money with
Ad Click Xpress.

Ad Click Xpress is a patented company that provides you easy, reliable and sustainable ways to make money online. It takes you just a few minutes to become one of us and you are of course welcome and encouraged to assume that close contact with me will shorten your learning curve and simply make you benefit more.          

The short term Ad Packages basically makes you 2% daily earnings, 1% in the weekends. You can say the profit is 150%. 

The long term and ongoing program ACX Panels Packages runs aside of Ad Packages and here you afterwards make additional 150%.

 Both are passive and automated, so here is no need for any particular skills. You come very far by just accept simplicity as a popular fact. You can sign up to Ad Click Xpress for free and get first hand experience from the inside, without paying even a single dollar.

ad click xpress

Ad Click Xpress will lend you $10 for your test till you become comfortable with how it works. After this you only need a minimum of $5 to continue and set on your way  towards changing your life. For the Medium system they will also lend you $5 for first package.
It is easy to make a lot of money even without having to get
 and depend on any referrals.

  Having referrals will of course earn you more and also their referrals' referrals earning you commissions. But again, with ACX you can make money also without marketing at all.

ACX offers bonus of 10% for someone you refer directly and 
another 5% for someone they refer.

For every 4 Ad Packages  when they mature at $15 and stop paying you 1% - 2% per day, you automatically get a free ACX Panel Package. This is a 2×2 matrix that takes 6 spots under yours. When Your ACX Panel is filled you get $60. So it makes sense to buy Ad Packages multiples of four positions.
ACX has a XpressShift feature which helps to stay this business indefinitely  sustainable. The XpressShift turns some of your Ad Package’s positions into ACX Panels  and actually increases your profits in the long term.

ad click xpress