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Ad Click Xpress may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you've ever seen! If you are interested in Ad Click Xpress and would like to test out the Ad Packages program then start by signing up, which wont cost you anything. Then simply go through the tutorials and visit one or more of the daily webinars to decide if Ad Click Xpress is right for you.

The first step is to start making money with Ad Packages program. This should enable you to realize that you can make money with at least one part of Ad Click Xpress!

How to start your success with ACX? 

 The minimum you need to do is: 

1. First of all decide what you are seeking from Ad Click Xpress and choose one of two options:
  • Simply Buy Traffic; 
  • Buy Traffic and Get Paid.

Ad click xpress

2. Join ACX by opening free account. Gmail is recommended (create Gmail account). Fill up the registration form.  After you will get ACX mail and you must confirm email ID by clicking confirmation link inside mail. If you did to receive check spam folder. 
Congratulations ! Your E-mail-address has
 been verified successfully.

3. Log into ACX account, go to "My Account – My Profile". Fill up information here if you see any field still empty. Consider to change default characters you see in the Advertising Username field. You can replace it with an user name  you choose.

 4. Then go to "My Wallet". You need to add Payment Processors ID (EgoPay, STP ,Perfect Money or other) to get access to fund account and paid from ACX. To create any of these Payment Processors accounts is free.  Near Payment Processor’s name click blue link – "Link Your Account" and add Payment Processor ID. 

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5. After you linked your Processors accounts and added ID, click "Add Funds". In next Page enter the amount to deposit, for instance – 10, 50 or 100. After done this you must to click "Fund This Amount", and you get to see sign of your Payment Processor. Click sign and you will be redirected to payment processor. Log in there and finish funding. 

6. Ad Click Xpress to every new member gives $10 loan to test program inside and decide does it is for you. These money should be used to buy  Advertising Package. After you buy it you start earn 2% daily (1% weekends). Just log in ACX daily and watch how your money is growing up.  After some time ACX will deduct $10 from your account. Ad package will expire after 88 day bringing $5 profit, so to continue earn  you need invest at least $5.  But if you want more profit you should consider option of funding your account and buy more Advertising Packages. 

7. After you done all steps above you should consider to buy one or more Ad Packages. Go to left sidebar and find - AD PACKAGES-EARN DAILY. Click it. In the next page you see empty box with "No. of Ad Package(s) at $10.00 each". You need to type number of Ad packages you want to buy: 1, 5, 10 or other number. Then click – "Proceed with My Oder". In next page you need confirm purchase from your account. ACX will sent you email confirming your ad packages was placed.


Also you can reconsider to earn more by:

8. Upgrade in ACX by making your $10 payment monthly (if you want participate in ACX Panels also).

9. Sponsor downline members (optional).

10. Study and apply "Upgrade Your Brain" and the "Big Success Breakthrough" -- ACX  training products.

There are three basic ways to earn lots of money

 with Profit Clicking:

  1. Start with small amount and/or sponsor people.
  2. Start with lots of money.
  3. Start with lots of money and sponsor many people.

 If you want to start this business without any money from your pocket just connect me by skype - madeirane, and I will teach you how. 
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